The Prague Texture Segmentation Datagenerator and Benchmark - Dynamic Data

Dynamic benchmarks are pre-generated so you can just download it from here. The benchmark archive in the ZIP format contains images in PNG format. For each texture mosaic frame there are also the corresponding ground truth and mask images.
Dynamic A  Dynamic benchmark created from textures from the DynTex database.

overview videos:
mask   ground-truth   mosaic

149.6 MB
(720x576  250 frames)

Dynamic textures reference:
  Renaud Péteri, Sándor Fazekas and Mark J. Huiskes
  DynTex: A Comprehensive Database of Dynamic Textures
  In: Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 31, Issue 12,
  ISSN 0167-8655, 1 September 2010, Pages 1627-1632.