The Prague Texture Segmentation Datagenerator and Benchmark - Textures

The benchmark uses colour textures from our large Prague colour texture database. The benchmark uses cutouts from the original textures (1/6 approximately) either in the original or subsampled version. The remaining texture parts are used for the separate test/training sets. The benchmarks use 114 colour/grayscale textures from 10 thematic classes. The BTF measurements are provided by courtesy of Prof. Reinhard Klein from the Bonn University.
C&D sunny 1024 [exp.]
1024x1024 #6
 sunny1024/concrete.1.1 sunny1024/concrete.1.2 sunny1024/concrete.1.3 sunny1024/concrete.2.1 sunny1024/concrete.2.2 sunny1024/concrete.2.3 sunny1024/concrete.3.1 sunny1024/concrete.3.2    sunny1024/ground.1 sunny1024/ground.2 sunny1024/ground.3    sunny1024/mixed.1 sunny1024/mixed.2    sunny1024/roads.1 sunny1024/roads.2.1 sunny1024/roads.2.2    sunny1024/sand.1 sunny1024/sand.2 sunny1024/sand.3    sunny1024/vegetation.1 sunny1024/vegetation.2 sunny1024/vegetation.3