The Prague Texture Segmentation Datagenerator and Benchmark - Users
xaos EMAIL
Stanislav Mikeš
Researcher  at  Pattern Recognition department of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation AS CR; Prague, Czech Republic

Administrator of this website (<A HREF=""></A>)
test EMAIL
Test user
Michal Haindl
Institute of Information Theory and Automation AS CR

mallili EMAIL
Mohand Saïd Allili
PhD Student  at  Department of Computer Science, University of Sherbrooke; Quebec, Canada

Ph.D. Candidate  at  Dept. of Biomedical Engineeirng, Eindhoven University of Technology and Faculty of Engineeing, Multimedia University; The Netherlands and Malaysia

My research area is scale space texture classification.
felipecalderero EMAIL
Felipe Calderero
PhD Student  at  Image Processing Group Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC); Barcelona, Spain

jlgil EMAIL
Prof. José Luis Gil Rodríguez
Senior Researcher  at  Advanced Technologies Applications Center, CENATAV, MINBAS; Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

7a #21812 e/ 218 y 222, Rpto. Siboney, Playa. C.P. 12200
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Office Phone number: (+)537.272.1670 ext 203
Fax number: (+)537.273.0045
sylvia EMAIL
Michael Donoser
Research Associate  at  Graz University of Technology; Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Inffeldgasse 16/II, 8010 Graz

[1] Donoser, M. and Bischof, H. (2008). Using Covariance Matrices for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation. In Proceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) , Tampa, USA.

[2] Donoser, M. and Bischof, H. (2007). ROI-SEG: Unsupervised color segmentation by combining differently focused sub results. In Proceedings of Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Minneapolis, USA.

Implementation by Sylwia Steginska
aksoy EMAIL
Selim Aksoy
Assistant Professor  at  Bilkent University; Ankara, Turkey

juanc EMAIL
Juan Cardelino
PhD Student  at  Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Barcelona, Spain

sundaresh EMAIL
Sundaresh Ram
Graduate Student  at  University of Arizona; Tucson

Wanted a data base and to learn the existing algorithms using the coding provided.
Imtnan EMAIL
Imtnan QAZI
PhD Student  at  SIC Lab, University of Poitiers, France; Poitiers, France

sv.pons EMAIL
Sandro Vega Pons
Researcher  at  CENATAV; Havana, Cuba

josefelixcv EMAIL
José Felix Cabrera Venegas
Ciego de Ávila  at  Universidad de Ciego de Ávila; Cuba

En la facultad de ingeniería de la Universidad de Ciego de Ávila existe un grupo de investigación en procesamiento de imágenes especificamente sobre segmentación y análisis de texturas.
trungdh EMAIL
Trung H. Duong
PhD Student  at  Oklahoma State University / Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; United States

manit EMAIL
Manager  at  UEH; Vietnam

rpeteri EMAIL
Associate Professor  at  MIA Laboratory, University of la Rochelle; La Rochelle, West coast of France

I am interested in segmentation of textures in general and in benchmarks for dynamic texture algorithms in particular.
nguyentp EMAIL
Thanh Phuong Nguyen
Postdoc  at  Centre Morphologie Mathématique; Paris

yoktish EMAIL
Erchan Aptoula
Asst. Professor  at  Okan University; Istanbul, Turkey

penthouse717 EMAIL
Sander de Vries
Software developer  at  Tuinsms; The Netherlands

I would like to try texture segmentation for a new website functionality to compare plant pictures.
spbyrne EMAIL
Sean Byrne
Student  at  New Jersey Institute of Technology; United States

I am working on an image segmentation research project.
sinem EMAIL
Sinem Aslan
Research Assistant  at  Ege University; Turkey

biancovic EMAIL
Francesco Bianconi
Lecturer  at  Università degli Studi di Perugia; Perugia, Italy

Karimi EMAIL
Nader Karimi
Assistant Professor  at  Isfahan University of Technology; Isfahan - Iran EMAIL
Costas Panagiotakis
Assistant Professor  at  Technological Educational Institute of Crete; Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

imagine EMAIL
Jose Ruiz-Pinales
Professor/Researcher  at  Universidad de Guanajuato; Salamanca, GTO. Mexico

MikeDoni EMAIL
Michael Donoser
Senior Researcher  at  Graz University Of Technology; Austria

Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision
jolen217 EMAIL
Nan Zhao
PhD Student  at  Florida State University; Tallahassee, Florida, US

Deep brain model is an unsupervised segmentation framework with unknown number of classes simulating the deep structure of the primate visual cortex. This model is based on a deep scale space in which a pool of receptive field models in pre-cortical processing and early vision is applied in each scale to produce feature maps. The graph-based image segmentation is then employed to select object boundaries among the edges of superpixels.
trhodgson EMAIL
Terry Hodgson
Master\'s Student, Computer Science  at  University of Houston; Houston, TX USA

Doing research in color image segmentation.
slarabi EMAIL
Slimane LARABI
Professor  at  USTHB University; BP 32 El Alia, Algiers, Algeria

jaimebayes EMAIL
Jaime Lopez Carvajal
PhD Student  at  Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Medellin

I would like to test some segmentation algorithms on your image database.
jvalero EMAIL
José Antonio Valero Medina
Associated professor  at  Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas; Bogotá, Colombia, South America

We are working in multispectral images segmentation algorithms and we need benchmark datasets in order to assess the outgoing results.
hcualing EMAIL
Hernani Cualing
Medical Director  at  IHC Flow; Florida, USA

mevenkamp EMAIL
Niklas Mevenkamp
PhD Student  at  Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science, RWTH Aachen University; Aachen, Germany

Image Processing and Inverse Modeling in Electron Microscopy, Non-local Regularization techniques, Simulation of Electron Transport using Monte Carlo methods and Deterministic Partial Differential Equation Models.
emkay EMAIL
Martin Kiechle
Researcher  at  Technical University of Munich; Munich, Germany EMAIL
Yilong Yang
PhD student  at  University of Southampton; Southampton, UK

I am a first year PhD student who is interested in texture image segmentation.
motazsabri978 EMAIL
Motaz Sabri
Doctor Student  at  Hiroshima Universtiy; Japan

My research includes object segmentation and your data set will be of great value.
ludwinventura EMAIL
Ludwin Ventura Lopez Lopez
Manager  at  SKY Mexico; Mexico City

lucasdasoares EMAIL
Lucas de Assis Soares
PhD Student  at  Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo; Vitoria - ES, Brazil

I am a PhD student working with unsupervised segmentation methods for textures and would like to try different mosaics using the prague texture segmentation datagenerator.
I will gladly cite you on my publications.
joshua_bruton EMAIL
Joshua Bruton
Masters Student  at  The University of the Witwatersrand; Johannesburg

tendai EMAIL
Tendai Mapungwana Chikake
PhD Student  at  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology ; Moscow

I\'m researching on combinatorial methods for segmentation and blob extraction. I would be grateful if I could get access to the data and benchmarks so that I can compare my methods.
raissaoblitas EMAIL
Raissa Oblitas
post-doc  at  University of São Paulo; São Paulo, Brazil

dteney EMAIL
Damien Teney
Research Associate  at  University of Bath

rhesus EMAIL
Radek Holub
Research Fellow

3D modelling
scarpa EMAIL
Giuseppe Scarpa
Researcher  at  University 'Federico II' of Naples; Italy

His research interests focus on image analysis.

He has been working with INRIA Unit Sophia Antipolis, France and with the Pattern Recognition group of UTIA, Prague, Czech Republic.
Since 2006 he is permanent Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University Federico II of Naples.
jwjang94 EMAIL
Jang Jung Whan
Ph.D Student  at  Seoul National University; Seoul

For study
Soyleyici EMAIL
Sena Soyleyici
Master Student  at  KTH; Sweden

I am a master student at KTH in Sweden. Currently, I am working on my thesis about unsupervised metric learning in medical images. One part of my thesis is about tumor heterogeneity. I cannot find dataset about it. That\'s why I would like to synthesis dataset as you did.
lekhanhc EMAIL
Le Khanh Chuong
Magisterske studium  at  CVUT FIT; Praha

Predmet NI-ROZ
anguelos EMAIL
Anguelos Nicolaou
Graduate Student  at  University Of Bern; Bern, Switzerland

I have been working on dense image descriptors for documents, an LBP variation more specifically. I would like to have the opportunity and test their ability to segment texture. I am not sure when I will have the first samples available.
soteri0s EMAIL
Sotirios Chatzis
Research Fellow

Jpierce EMAIL
Jordan Pierce
Research Assistant  at  CCOM/JHC; New Hampshire

Looking to use a dataset generated by Prague to be used for proof of concept for new(ish) feature descriptor. EMAIL
Kundan Kumar
Research Scholar  at  Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India; India

I am a research scholar. I need to evaluate my proposed algorithm using this database.
Bellman EMAIL
Hongze Shen
Student  at  ShanghaiTech University; Institute of Computing Technology, CAS; Beijing, PR China

I plan to verify that texture recognition helps downstream tasks in computer vision.
tuftsrex EMAIL
Yue Wu
Ph.D Student  at  Tufts University, Raytheon BBN Technology; Medford, MA

I am working on some texture segmentation problems and want to access your database.
chaththa85 EMAIL
Chathurika Dharmagunawardhana
Postgraduate Student  at  University of Southampton; Southampton

I am currently doing a PhD related to unsupervised texture segmentation.
jgrimm EMAIL
Jonathan Grimm
Grad Student  at  University of New Orleans; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Computer Science grad students doing a texture segmentation project for class.
sunlitian EMAIL
Sun Litian
Student  at  Tokyo University; Tokyo

I am working on the unsupervised texture segmentation algorithms on gray-scale images.
jason_remington EMAIL
Jason Remington
Graduate Student Researcher  at  Computer Science Department, Colorado State University; Fort Collins CO, USA

Research in biomimetic, and biologically plausible computer vision.
zwang EMAIL
Zhen Wang
PhD Student  at  Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA, USA

I'm a PhD student who is interested in texture segmentation.
kukacji1 EMAIL
Jiří Kukačka
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

Pro potřeby vypracování semestrální práce předmětu MI-ROZ
mukesh EMAIL
Mukesh Saraswat
Research Scholar  at  ABV-IIITM, Gwalior; India

I am a research scholar working on image segmentation.
Freedom EMAIL
Yan Canxiang
Graduate Candidate  at  Institute of Computing Technology; Beijing

My research direction is object segmentation.
kuzelon3 EMAIL
Ondřej Kužela
Student  at  FIT CTU; Prague, Czech Republic

MI-ROZ course project - Local Binary Patterns
diceydawg EMAIL
Daisuke Tanaka
Student  at  UMASS Boston; Boston Massachusetts

For CS675 Computer vision class competition.
tilottama EMAIL
Tilottama Goswami
Research Scholar  at  University of Hyderabad; Hyderabad, India

Unsupervised Results - Latest RM
ashokvanjare EMAIL
Ashoka Vanjare
Project Assisstant  at  Indian Instiute of Science Bangalore; Bangalore

Image processing and analysis
ruhiravichandran EMAIL
Ruhi Ravichandran
Student  at  CVUT FIT; Prague

ROZ semestral-Discrete Cosine Transform
magdafried EMAIL
Magda Friedjungová
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

Odevzdani semestralni prace z MI-ROZ.
diego.marcos EMAIL
Diego Marcos
PhD Student  at  Dept. of Geography, University of Zurich; Zurich, Switzerland

MultiModal Remote Sensing
shounak.gore EMAIL
Shounak Gore
Student  at  SUNY at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY

Need the dataset for a class project
josuegalindo EMAIL
Josue Galindo
Master Student  at  Universitat Rovira i Virgili; Tarragona, Spain

Vision and Robotics Group EMAIL
Roshni VS
Director  at  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing; Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

For research purpose

My research is about image processing EMAIL
Associate Professor  at  Chaitanya Institute of Engineering and Technology; Rajahmundry

Research Scholar
sergiofsilva EMAIL
Sergio Francisco da Silva
Professor  at  Universidade Federal de Goias; Catalão, Goias, Brazil

soumya EMAIL
Soumyadip Dhar
Assistant Professor  at  RCCIIT; India

Researcher in image processing
taianeviana EMAIL
Taiane Viana de Carvalho
Student  at  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte; Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil

dherrera1911 EMAIL
Daniel Herrera Esposito
MsC Student  at  Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay; Montevideo, Uruguay

irassu EMAIL
Irassu Oliveira Santos
Student  at  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte; Brasil - Natal - Rio Grande do Norte

rsmedeiros EMAIL
Rafael Sachett Medeiros
PhD Student  at  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; Brazil

zhyjiang EMAIL
Zhiyong Jiang
Lecturer  at  Lanzhou University; China

PHD Wuhan University
lingxiu EMAIL
Liu Xiu
Student  at  University; China

I like image processing.
aursani EMAIL
I am a researcher in the area of image processing in general and texture processing in particular.
farahnaz EMAIL
Farahnaz Ahmed Wick
Graduate Student  at  University of Massachusetts Boston; Boston

tyagi EMAIL
Dr Vipin Tyagi
Associate Professor  at  Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology; Guna - MP India

chanyul EMAIL
Chanyul Park
Ph.D Candidate  at  Seoul National Univ.; South Korea

blackwidow EMAIL
VInay Chandragiri
Student  at  IIT Guwahati; India

hakmart1 EMAIL
Martin Hak
Student  at  CTU; Prague

ROZ project, Level Set
novotm@fit.cvut EMAIL
Miroslav Novotny
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

Gabor features
horkyja6 EMAIL
Jan Horký
Student  at  CVUT FIT; Prague

Haralick Features
marchole EMAIL
Olena Marchenko
Student  at  CVUT FIT; Prague

MI-ROZ 2019
yyfeiyanzi EMAIL
Postdoc  at  SCUT; Guangdong

Image processing
rihongli EMAIL
Rihong Li
Guangzhou  at  South China University of Technology; Guangzhou

henryzlo EMAIL
Henry Z Lo
Student  at  University of Massachusetts Boston; Boston, MA

ramki_uma21 EMAIL
Uma Maheswari
Senior Lecturer  at  National Engineering College; India

ntuanhung EMAIL
Nguyen Tuan Hung
Researcher  at  University of Science; Viet Nam

eiman EMAIL
Eiman A Kattan
Researcher  at  Reading University; Reading, UK

cernyon3 EMAIL
Ondřej Černý
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

lenoctom EMAIL
Tomáš Lenoch
Student  at  FIT ČVUT; Prague

kkomati EMAIL
Karin Satie Komati
PhD Student  at  UFES; Vitória, ES

Student  at  NCHU; Taiwan

Test image
strejivo EMAIL
Ivo Strejc
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

wildder EMAIL
Nanjing Normal University; Beijing Road No.75, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

For experiments
victor_sanmartin1 EMAIL
Victor Manuel San Martin
Universidad Nacional de La Pampa; Argentina

devi EMAIL
abc; Thanjore

For project
haurvojt EMAIL
Vojtech Haur
Student  at  CVUT FIT

MI-ROZ: Weber Local Descriptor
gvaca EMAIL
Gonzalo Vaca-Castano
PhD Student  at  University of Central Florida; Orlando, Florida. USA

frzn EMAIL
Farzaneh Alizadeh
MSc Student at Software Engineering  at  Isfahan University of Technology (IUT); Isfahan, Iran

xiaofang EMAIL
Xiaofang Wang
PhD Student  at  Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Image segmentation
Ruhallah amandi, Mohammad farhadi
Student  at  Zanjan University-Iran

dmmur EMAIL
Dmitry Murashov
Senior Researcher  at  Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of Russian Academy of Sciences; Moscow

balikvo1 EMAIL
Vojtěch Balík
Student  at  Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical Univerzity; Prague

Nafise Kakhani
Ph.D Student of Remote Sensing  at  Faculty of Photogrammetry & Remote sensing engineering. K.N.Toosi university of Tech; Tehran, Iran

tbeier EMAIL
Thorsten Beier
Master Student  at  HCI IWR Universitaet Heidelberg; Heidelberg Germany

jtass EMAIL
Ioannis Tassopoulos
Laboratory teaching Staff  at  Patras University, Greece; Patras, Greece EMAIL
Hassanin M. Al-Barhamtoshy
Professor, Ph.D.; King Abdulaziz University

Actually we work in the field of creation of Arabic OCR system.
geometrikal EMAIL
Ross Marchant
Research Fellow  at  Queensland University of Technology; Brisbane, Australia

jshaffer94247 EMAIL
Jamie Shaffer
Research Scientist  at  University of Washington, Computational Ophthalmology Lab; Seattle, WA, USA

daicav EMAIL
Daniel Aicardi
Elctrical Engineer, Master Student on Image Processing  at  Universidad de la República; Montevideo, Uruguay

mewadahiren EMAIL
Hiren Mewada
Asso professor  at  Charotar University of Science and Technology; Gujarat, India

richtrad EMAIL
Radek Rcihtr
PhD Student  at  Pattern Recognition department of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Academy of Sciences; Prague

Vishal Menon EMAIL
Vishal Menon
Student  at  Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University; Kerala, India

gondra EMAIL
Iker Gondra
Professor  at  St. Francis Xavier University; Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

lion112 EMAIL
Zhicheng LV
Post Doctoral  at  Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Wuhan, China

Heather321 EMAIL
School of Science,China University of Geosciences,Beijing  at  School of Science,China University of Geosciences,Beijing; School of Science,China University of Geosciences,Beijing

Lorgan EMAIL
Hu Shiyao
PhD student  at  Xi\'an Jiaotong University; Xi\'an, Shaanxi, China

rojanslh EMAIL
Rojan Salehi
Bachelor Student  at  Amirkabir University of Technology; Tehran, Iran

skupinaHPT EMAIL
F. Hejl, T. Peterka, J. Tkačík
Student  at  FIT ČVUT EMAIL
Robin Gruna
Research Assistant  at  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT; Karlsruhe

gcui8 EMAIL
Guangyu Cui
Grad Student  at  Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA, US

Wrhector EMAIL
William Hector
Student  at  University of Southampton; United Kingdom

v-andrearczyk EMAIL
Vincent Andrearczyk
PhD  at  Dublin City University; Dublin

lewis3142 EMAIL
Lewis Griffin
Senior Lecturer  at  University College London; United Kingdom

cyrille.faucheux EMAIL
Cyrille Faucheux
PhD Student  at  Laboratoire d'Informatique; France

tania EMAIL
Sheikh Tania
PhD Candidate  at  Federation University Australia; Australia

rvetro EMAIL
Rosanne Vetro
Ph.D. Student  at  University of Massachusetts Boston; USA

smiranda EMAIL
Schatzi Miranda
Student  at  Universidad del Turabo; Puerto Rico

palkoigo EMAIL
Igor Palkoci
Student  at  Faculty of Information Technology; Prague

ondrasim EMAIL
Šimon Ondráček
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague, Czech Republic

r.danesh1367 EMAIL
Reihaneh Danehsmand
MSc Student  at  University of Tehran; Iran EMAIL
Abhishek Ramnath Vahadane
Student/Research Scholar  at  IIT Guwahati

richardjiang EMAIL
Richard Jiang
Faculty Staff  at  The University of Sheffield; Sheffield

turgayce EMAIL
Turgay Celik
PhD Student  at  The University of Warwick; Coventry, UK

maldean EMAIL
Maldean Pillay
Student  at  University of KwaZulu-Natal; Durban

kamenluk EMAIL
Lukáš Kameník
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague, Czech Republic

surya EMAIL
Surya Prasath
Researcher  at  University of Missouri-Columbia; USA

blazija1 EMAIL
Jan Blažíček
Student - MI-ROZ  at  CTU FIT; Prague, Czech Republic EMAIL
Ezgi Ekiz
PhD. Student  at  Middle Eash Technical University; Turkey

tauchkri EMAIL
Kristýna Tauchmanová
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

andrey EMAIL
Andrey Sboev
Postgraduate Student  at  Yaroslavl State University; Russia

eotman11 EMAIL
Ehab Otman
Student  at  University of Southampton; Southampton

groundman EMAIL
Researcher  at  Tongji University; Shanghai, China

Rfinlan EMAIL
Richard Finlan
Researcher  at  Birmingham City University; UK

nickxu EMAIL
Nick Xu
Student  at  St Francis Xavier University; Canada

hiderce EMAIL
Student  at  HUST; Wuhan, Hubei province, China

Partha Ghosh
Asst. Prof.  at  Govt. Engg. College; West bengal

lucasf EMAIL
Zifeng Wu
Student  at  CRIPAC, NLPR, CASIA; Beijing, China

felixrichards EMAIL
Felix Richards
PhD Student  at  Swansea University; Bristol

huangyuan EMAIL
Yuan Huang
Student  at  Beihang University; Beijing, China

shatianfei EMAIL
Chunshi Sha
Student  at  Bohai University; Jinzhou,China

lgy_study EMAIL
Guoying Liu
A. Prof.  at  Anyang Normal University; China

guloleg EMAIL
Oleg Gul
Student  at  CTU

Article: HOG
aimanu EMAIL
Xi Liu
Postgraduate  at  The University of Birmingham; UK

archgod EMAIL
Arash Mirhashemi
Research Assistant  at  UEF; Joensuu Finland

rohit.iiith EMAIL
Rohit Girdhar
Student  at  IIIT - H; Hyderabad, India

hogwild EMAIL
Xianbin Gu
Student  at  University of Otago; New Zealand

Enrico Gutzeit
Research Assistant  at  Fraunhofer IGD; Rostock

Veronika Maurerova
Student  at  CVUT FIT; Praha

juzlomar EMAIL
Markéta Jůzlová
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

jlazarow EMAIL
Justin Lazarow
PhD Student  at  UC San Diego; San Diego

Hao Sun
Student  at  Tsinghua University; Beijing

yorshula EMAIL
Uladzislau Yorsh
Student  at  FIT ČVUT; Praha

kolian1 EMAIL
Nikolay S.
M.Sc. Student  at  Technion IIT; Israel, haifa

lana EMAIL
Svetlana Ekimova
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

skluzada EMAIL
Adam Skluzáček
Student  at  FIT CTU; Prague

deepikashib EMAIL
Assistant Professor  at  Chitkara University; India

siddharth EMAIL
Siddharth Kumar
Student Member  at  IEEE ; Bangalore

bartejak EMAIL
Jakub Bartel
Student  at  ČVUT FIT, ROZ; Praha

LidaAbdi EMAIL
Lida Abdi
Student  at  Shiraz University; Shiraz

fyz11 EMAIL
Felix Zhou
Student  at  University of Oxford; UK EMAIL
Student  at  UMASS Boston; Boston, MA

viveknk EMAIL
Vivek N.K.
Student  at  Anna University; India

souza_san EMAIL
Tiago Souza dos Santos
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

murintokusno EMAIL
Student  at  University; Indonesia

babicpe1 EMAIL
Peter Bábics
Student  at  CTU FIT; Prague

dh711 EMAIL
Dany Heusbourg
Student  at  RWTH; Aachen

malecada EMAIL
Adam Malecek
student  at  CVUT FIT; Prague

drbohlav EMAIL
Ondrej Drbohlav
Czech Technical University in Prague; Prague, Czech Republic

xiaodu EMAIL
Student  at  Daxue; Xi'an, China

tomas.duda EMAIL
Tomáš Duda
Student  at  FIT CTU; Prague

novako20 EMAIL
Ondrej Novak
Student  at  FIT CTU; Prague

cryhnbc EMAIL
Rongyuan Chen
HNBC, Center for Modern Education Technology Hunan University of Commerce; Changsha 410205, China

kamal EMAIL
Kamal Hammouche
Mouloud Mammeri University; Tizi-Ouzou, Algérie EMAIL
Elias Grinias
Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying Engineering and Geoinformatics/TEI of Central Macedonia; Greece

arsenal_abdou EMAIL
Salmi Abderezak
Mouloud Mammeri University; Tizi-Ouzou, Algérie

viccesar EMAIL
Victor Vargas
Researcher  at  RWTH; Aachen EMAIL
Engineer  at  Samsung; Bangalore

mdice EMAIL
Mark Dice
Student  at  Uni Guelph; Canada

nyguan EMAIL
Naiyang Guan
University of Technology, Sydney; Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia

lynnlfx EMAIL
Fengxia Liu
University of Science and Technology of China; Hefei, China

polakluk EMAIL
Lukas Polak
Student  at  FIT CTU; Prague

stanej14 EMAIL
Jan Staněk
Student  at  FIT CTU; Prague

pirojan EMAIL
Jan Píro
Student  at  FIT ČVUT; Prague

uxinhenry EMAIL
X. Yu
China Univerisity of Geosciences; Lumo Road 388, Wuhan, China

sowgat EMAIL
MD. Sowgat Ibne Mahmud

Currently i am doing M.Sc. in computer science.
sadia EMAIL
Mouloud Mammeri University; Tizi-Ouzou, Algérie

feantury EMAIL
Javier de Pedro López
Universidad de León EMAIL
Sheikh Tania
Federation University Australia; Australia

bilikdav EMAIL
David Bilik
Student  at  CVUT; Prague

atef EMAIL
PhD Student  at  TU Wien; Wien

woiseng EMAIL
Woi Seng
Research Student  at  USM; Malaysia

daly EMAIL
Daly Chea
Student  at  UIBK; Austria

KC Lau
china  at  LDU; shandong

thanhhung EMAIL
Thanh Hung
Student  at  NTUT; Taipei

Cecilia EMAIL
ZHU Shanshan
Student  at  HKU; HK

adorinam EMAIL
Student  at  IPN; Mexico

antong007 EMAIL
Student  at  UA; Ukraine

brokejan EMAIL
Jan Brokes
Student  at  CTU; Prague

ailee EMAIL
Joe Lee
Jinjiang Quanzhou Fujian  at  QIEM; China

zhengchen EMAIL
Chen Zheng
Wuhan University; Wuhan, China

nemecst4 EMAIL
Stanislav Němec
FIT CTU; Prague

7is7 EMAIL
Anton V
NTUU KPI; Kiev, Ukraine

vickqi EMAIL
Vick Qi
BUPT; Beijing, China

habardog EMAIL
HUST; Wuhan, China

texturedataset EMAIL
Amir Jafarpour
Teacher; Assistance Prof.; Tehhram

I research in texture image segmentation
zdansfil EMAIL
Filip Žďánský
student  at  FIT CVUT

cbampis EMAIL
Christos Bampis
Graduate Student  at  UT Austin

palicand EMAIL
Andrej Palicka
Student  at  FIT CVUT

Bouziane EMAIL
Bouziane Abderraouf
Greyc Lower Normandy University

bukovmi5 EMAIL
Michal Bukovy
MI-ROZ Student  at  FIT CVUT

conanbest1 EMAIL
Qi Wang
Department of Informatics, King's College London

vainiant EMAIL
Johannes Vainio
Student  at  FIT EMAIL
Laiyun Qing
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

zidcenek EMAIL
Čeněk Žid
Student  at  FIT CVUT

remes EMAIL
Vaclav Remes
PhD Student  at  UTIA RO

barusmar EMAIL
Martin Barus
Student; Prague

School project
mrabah EMAIL
Mohamed Rabah
Marketing  at  ACT

SecondCycle EMAIL
Frédéric Bouchard
Second Cycle

arnab EMAIL
Ph.D. Student  at  Dept. of EE, IIT Kanpur; India

mahelpet EMAIL
Petr Mahel
Student  at  CVUT FD EMAIL
Minggui Chen
Postdoc  at  MIT EMAIL
Alaa khudhair abbas
Assist. Programmer; Malaysia

yuliian EMAIL
Student; Indonesia

hejlfran EMAIL
Franta Hejl

Vysoky, tmavy vlasy, hnedy oci
alexama1 EMAIL
Marek Alexa
Student of ROZ  at  CTU

lorenpe2 EMAIL
Petr Lorenc
Student; Prague

smallpython EMAIL
Yi Wang
Zhejiang University

pospivi1 EMAIL
Vít Pospíšil

langeja5 EMAIL
Jaroslav Langer

slavojir EMAIL
Jiri Slavotinek

Tess-wtt EMAIL

frydatom EMAIL
Tomáš Frýda

lotelct EMAIL

Magister in electronics
koppmaty EMAIL
Matyáš Kopp

skalsdav EMAIL
David Skalský

yuanj EMAIL
Jiangye Yuan

david0432 EMAIL
David Perez Gonzalez


m09876 EMAIL
Marc Tester

njyothi EMAIL
Vemu Jyothi
Student; Thadepalligudem, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India

gansiting EMAIL

polkennel EMAIL
Pol Kennel

nenenevg EMAIL
Evgeniya Nenenko
Student; Prague, Czech Republic

prochm35 EMAIL
Martin Procházka

MI-ROZ semestral project
faustellar EMAIL
Zhang Junhui
Undergraduate; Beijing, China

dlapavoj EMAIL
Vojtěch Dlápal
Student; Praha

vaclavcadek EMAIL
Václav Čadek
Applied Researcher; Prague

Terry Hwang
CEO; Seoul, Korea

panmilaa EMAIL

Image segmentation
veselj38 EMAIL
Jan Veselý
Student; Prague

stameser EMAIL
Student; Prague

scholar EMAIL
Student; India

shukeri EMAIL
Muhamad Shukeri

lenakudrina EMAIL

gustavoarco EMAIL
I am studying remote sensing through texture analysis on TM/Landsat images.
walid EMAIL
I am a searcher on medical images processing.
macaond3 EMAIL
Ondřej Máca

krizpav6 EMAIL
Pavel Kříž

keyan EMAIL
Ding Keyan

malekva1 EMAIL
Vaclav Malek
Student ROZ

liutoole EMAIL
Oleksandra Liutova

feoktistov EMAIL
Feoktitstov Artem

malicto1 EMAIL
Tomáš Malíček

dressmar EMAIL
Marie Dresslerova

hajkokla EMAIL
Klára Hájková

rumanjak EMAIL
Jakub Rumančík

perutond EMAIL
Ondřej Perutka

richtto6 EMAIL
Tomáš Richtr

kudinand EMAIL
Andrey Kudinov

pecenja1 EMAIL
Jakub Pečenka

zitnyjak EMAIL
Jakub Žitný

tothmatu EMAIL
Matúš Tóth

Jiang Shaobin

hanusji EMAIL
Jiří Hanuš

hotlimyk EMAIL
Hotlib Mykola

capekma9 EMAIL
Martin Čapek

sefcija4 EMAIL
Jan Šefčík

prtultimate EMAIL

malyja EMAIL
Jan Malý

fariba EMAIL
Fariba ZZ

sabattom EMAIL
Tomas Sabata

labanjak EMAIL
Jakub Labant

svehlja5 EMAIL
Jakub Svehla

wallejak EMAIL
Jakub Waller

bljtc EMAIL

diego86 EMAIL
hnizdja2 EMAIL
Jan Hnizdil

edwardchor EMAIL
Edward Chor

kubeljit EMAIL
Texture analysis using gray level run lengths

Hchengwang EMAIL
Nick Wang

zacbarton EMAIL
Zac Barton

babyboy EMAIL

Jerry Wang

nahal.nafisi EMAIL

josca EMAIL
Josef Hak

ttjk2q EMAIL

xtan EMAIL
Daniel Tan EMAIL

a463b EMAIL

eldeeqq EMAIL
Jan Perina


amohammadi62 EMAIL
sergio EMAIL
marcos EMAIL
hkyon EMAIL
sjohna EMAIL
pucalmar EMAIL
connetwork12 EMAIL
toruming EMAIL
icpr2014_test EMAIL
ebasaeed EMAIL
brome EMAIL
leharada EMAIL
maurever EMAIL
rigotjea EMAIL
martinkersner EMAIL
Hordubal EMAIL
hejnapet EMAIL
kratolu3 EMAIL
zzas1996 EMAIL
vanclmil EMAIL